Crises may impact our daily life, but COVID-19 has changed our future. Radical shifts in how we live—such as the way online interaction and remote working are now more the norm than an option—are likely here to stay. This raises a crucial question for designers: How do you innovate rapidly

“In the human-centered design process, health workers and healthcare facilities immerse themselves in the lives and perspectives of real people. They try to understand needs, motivations, and roadblocks.”

Human-centered design is a powerful way to understand evolving behaviors, preferences, and pain points and to focus efforts in the right places in the right ways. By unlocking the Patient’s perspective, healthcare workers or facilities can build solutions that work well and work widely in our new reality.  This design offers insights that can help organizations better meet people’s needs and desires in the new reality.

Importance of Human Centered Design in Healthcare.

  1. Human-centered design lets you better understand people’s needs, motivations, and concerns: By engaging early with users and seeking their input and feedback, you gain valuable insights while still working with paper prototypes and sketches. So, you can pivot early and avoid steering resources in the wrong direction.
  2. It is a key to gain deep understanding of your customers and users through ethnological research, journey mapping and behavioral analytics.
  3. It fosters interconnectedness between organizations.
  4. Increases the speed of innovation in the health sector and health organizations.
  5. It boosts the quality of services

The COVID-19 crisis has sparked rapid, large-scale changes in human behavior. And health sectors have adapted to meet patient’s needs in new ways. The challenge now is to build on that momentum and keep adapting—and innovating. Human centered design answers the question, how do you innovate rapidly and the right ways when behavior and expectations are changing so much and so fast?”


Reference: Human centre design is more important than ever by BCG published on Feb,3, 2020.

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