About Us PCC Global Health November 8, 2021

About us

We are different. It is not about us, it’s about you and the people you serve. There is no better way for public health to reach its potential expect through continuous advocacy, capacity development and practice of human centeredness.

Primary Compassionate Care is a health consulting firm with a vision of creating impactful public health learning through capacity development and engagement of individuals, communities, and institutions.

Our journey led us to the discovery of the passion to transfer knowledge and build better health workforce alongside functional systems.  Our Global experience and diversity enable us to analyze health systems holistically, paying attention to partners’ long-term goals.

In response to the peculiarities of every system and community, PCC develops linkages between organizations’ overall objectives and structural functionalities that can be boosted through a step-by-step process along the course of our engagement together.

Our name is derived from the fundamental element that describes the existence of us, as humans. Primary in our contact with one another as caretakers and compassionate as an innate attribute that needs to be revived and sustained. By default, healthcare is each and everyone’s concern to learn and practice.

Our Vision
To lead transformational change in our systems of learning and care.

Our Mission
To be an innovative and responsive global health capacity development company that creates human centeredness in practice and generates long term impacts. 


Human- Centeredness
Core needs of the beneficiary
Holistic perspective
Provide wholesome approaches
Uphold moral principles
Efficient and long term

Meet Our Principal Consultants

Dr. Aisha Liman is a Public Health Physician passionate about teaching and creating enabling environments for preventive medicine. She has worked in a number of contexts, building experience in health systems strengthening, emergency programming and cross cutting issues like gender, diversity and inclusion. She has a Masters in Global Health from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and works for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan as Senior Health Programme Specialist. Aisha served on the board of African Public Health Network as General Secretary and as Co-Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Community Affairs, Johns Hopkins Student Assembly. She is an awardee of the Delta-Omega Honorary Society of Public Health, Washington, 2021. Aisha has worked in Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan and Afghanistan with Non-Governmental Organizations alongside the host country’s Ministry of Public Health. She targets to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria and beyond, with particular attention to Health, Education and Gender. 

Jacqueline P. Ashby, Ed.D., is a medical educator and researcher at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine. She has a broad range of experience in faculty development, curriculum design, and assessment and evaluation. Over the past two decades, she has been involved in a series of research projects ranging from the development of antibodies specific for proteins thought to be involved in the pathogenic effects of disease-causing microbes to co-designing a bot to improve physician’s communication skills with their patients. In her roles, she has provided analytical advice, business intelligence, and decision support to leadership and administration in areas such as academic and strategic programming. Jacqueline is the recipient of numerous awards, including Site Medical Education Award (University of British Columbia), Certificate of Research Excellence Award (Environmental Design Research Association), Graduate Fellowship (Simon Fraser University), and the Jane N. Ryland Fellowship (EDUCAUSE).