Human- Centeredness
Core needs of the beneficiary
Holistic perspective
Provide wholesome approaches
Uphold moral principles
Efficient and long term

We are different. It is not about us, it’s about you and the people you serve. There is no better way for public health to reach its potential expect through continuous advocacy, capacity development and practice of human centeredness.

Primary Compassionate Care is a health consulting firm with a vision of creating impactful public health learning through capacity development and engagement of individuals, communities, and institutions.



Our journey led us to the discovery of the passion to transfer knowledge and build better health workforce alongside functional systems.  Our Global experience and diversity enable us to analyze health systems holistically, paying attention to partners’ long-term goals.

Our name is derived from the fundamental element that describes the existence of us, as humans.

Primary in our contact with one another as caretakers and compassionate as an innate attribute that needs to be revived and sustained. By default, healthcare is each and everyone’s concern to learn and practice.